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Persistent pain

Treatment that delivers better results

Persistent pain

Persistent pain (sometimes called chronic or long-term pain) is described as ‘pain that continues for three months or more and may not respond to standard medical treatment’.
Persistent pain can be debilitating and frustrating to live with. It is common for persistent pain to place strain on your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

The good news is there is usually lots you can do to help improve your quality of life.

Feeling more needed to be done to help individuals suffering from persistent pain, Healthshare created the Pain Management Programme.

The Healthshare Pain Management Programme has 4 aims:

  • To set and achieve your personal pain management goals
  • To increase your activity levels
  • To understand and manage pain more effectively
  • To work together as a group

If you are suffering from persistent pain and require help please ask your GP to refer you to one of our courses or use the self-referral link below.

Healthshare Persistent Pain Care- What is it?

We understand that living with long term pain can be life changing and distressing. This is why in your first appointment with a Pain Specialist Physiotherapist:

  • You will be listened too and your story heard
  • You will not be judged
  • We will try to help you make sense of your pain
  • We will make a decision with you on the best way forward

Who is it for?

The appointments are for anyone suffering with pain that has not been helped with physical therapies and medical intervention. Often people have tried many different treatments with no long-term benefit. Some questions to consider before booking an appointment:

  • Am I open to sharing my individual pain story with my therapist?
  • Am I open to new knowledge to make sense of my pain?
  • Am I willing to consider a different approach to living with pain?

What can I be offered?

There are various options open that your Physiotherapist will discuss with you. The decision is yours and they will help you in this process. The options open to you are:

  • The pain education seminar is a group based 2-hour session that shares the very latest knowledge about persistent pain and how people can make life changes.
  • A group based 6-week pain management programme uses cognitive behavioural therapy and physical activity. It involves people learning new skills to shake free from the grip of pain. You will need to have attended the pain education seminar prior to this programme.
  • An online pain management booklet that is found below and you can be signposted to excellent online self-help resources.
  • Individual appointments with a pain specialist physiotherapist for those who due to time constraints, language barriers or struggle to work in groups.
  • A referral to a specialist pain management service if you need the help of a team of different health professionals under one roof.
  • Self referral to talking therapies if your mental health is affecting your life and ability to engage in pain management.

Pain booklet

We’ve created an interactive booklet to help you learn about your pain and how to manage it.
Please follow the link below.

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To refer yourself to Healthshare or see if we operate in your area please follow the link below.

Your GP can also refer you, see details here.