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Self-referral guidance

Healthshare understand our patient’s needs and wish to support them to take control of their health. Patients who are looking to investigate health concerns or are seeking reassurance can access services without the need for a GP referral by making use of our Self-refer pathway for MRI and Ultrasound Examination where appropriate to do so. 

To qualify for this pathway please read the terms below which are in place to facilitate your safe care and aid us in taking action to help you manage any findings;

1. You will be required to complete a Self-referral form, clearly providing the reasons for requesting either an Ultrasound or MRI scan.  If you are not sure of the best test for you please state this on the request form and one of our Healthcare professionals will guide you when making your booking.  The more information you can provide about your conditions, symptoms and concerns the better able we are to tailor your examination.

2. You must be registered with a GP, or other responsible medical practitioner (e.g., for overseas patients), to whom we will send your report. The report is sent to your GP to ensure that should you require any onward care this is not delayed and also to ensure that your medical records are maintained in the NHS.

3. Scans will only be offered to all patients aged 18 and above, or 16 and above with parent/guardian consent and presence.

4. Self-referrals will not be accepted for contrast enhanced scans. This is because a prescription is required for Contract agents and must be signed by an appropriate medical professional. If contrast is required, we will help you to obtain this through you GP or by private consultation with one of Healthshare’s team

5. After your scan, the radiology report will be sent to your GP as well as been made available to you through our online portal. You should understand that the imaging report may contain medical terminology that may be confusing or possibly upsetting, but neither the reporting radiologist nor any staff within the clinic are able to discuss the findings of the scan directly with any patient. All enquiries and/or recommendations must be explored with your GP or with a Private Consultation with a Healthshare GP or Consultant arranged separately. If you think you would like to have a consultation following you examination at the same time tell our booking team when they call to arrange your visit and they will be happy to help.

6. Your GP/Consultant will have the ability to contact the reporting radiologist for further information regarding your report if required and all imaging will be made available to Hospital Consultants if you are referred onwards. 

7. If you require Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) you are required to complete a safety questionnaire at the time of booking. Please note that this may exclude you from proceeding with the scan or delay the scan, depending on the information you provide but is in place to ensure you can safely access the service.

8. The Self-referral form will be assessed by an appropriate registered Healthcare professional and protocolled for the best imaging sequences or studies. You will be notified at booking of these and advised if we are unable to proceed with the requested examination.

9. Self-referrals will not be accepted for monitoring of known malignant disease.

10. Neither the NHS nor any private medical insurance providers will fund the costs of a Self-referred MRI scan. As such, all Self-referrals are accepted on a Self-pay basis only.

11. You accept that you are solely responsible for choosing the area(s) you wish to have imaged