Tim Nihat retires from 25-year podiatry career

Tim Nihat retiring - podiatry team

Tim Nihat, Operations Manager for the podiatry service based in Wandsworth, retired this month (May) after 25-years in the industry. But that’s not the end of his Healthshare story. After a well-deserved break, Tim will re-join the team in a clinical capacity as a member of bank staff. To celebrate Tim’s retirement, let’s explore his career journey.

In his formative years, Tim originally trained and worked as an engineer. However, he later decided to take a different path in life and completed a degree in Podiatry, completing it in 1997.

Tim spent many years working for a range of podiatry services for NHS trusts in London, settling at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Trust where he worked his way up to a Team Leader role. In 2019, Healthshare (through Global Diagnostics) successfully bid for the podiatry contract for St George’s Trust, resulting in Tim and his team joining the business.

We spoke to Tim what he’s looking forward to the most:

“I’m very much looking forward to my retirement, but there are many things I will miss about leading the team here in Wandsworth. That said, I won’t be gone for long and, after a short break, I’ll be around as a bank member of staff. It’ll be lovely to continue practicing on an ad-hoc basis.”

When asked what the proudest moment of his career was, Tim said:

“Early on in my career I took on a role as Practice Development Lead, but soon discovered the expectations were much higher than I had imagined. I had to establish guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures for all of the functions the service was involved in, as none were in place. The project took the best part of a year, and I had to recruit specialists covering all aspects of podiatric intervention for their expertise.

“Although a lot of hard work, it was very satisfying to have been instrumental in ensuring staff had a suite of guidelines to work from, and the organisation had reduced their exposure to litigation.

“While at Healthshare, I’ve loved every minute of leading my fantastic team and I feel privileged to have played a part in their clinical practice. Though I may be leaving them in a management capacity, it’s great to know I’ll still see their faces around as a member of bank staff.”

Tim and his wife will be visiting his wife’s family in North Thailand for a relaxing 5-week break. Upon his return, he looks forward to having a little more time to try new activities. Paragliding is near top of the list. He may also be getting a puppy, much to the excitement of his children.

On behalf of the team here at Heathshare, thank you for your service Tim. We wish you the very best retirement!


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