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Condition / Pain Management Programme

The aim of the programme

The programme aims to reduce the disability and distress caused by your pain, to improve your quality of life. These aims are achieved by teaching physical, psychological and practical techniques that will help you cope better with the pain and equip you to improve your level of function. By continuing to apply all you will have learnt on the programme and working towards specific goals that you will define, you will be in control of your pain. There is no 'hands on' physical treatment during the programme.

The pre-assessment appointment

Before being given a start date for the programme you will have an appointment with the therapists to ensure that the programme is suitable for you. At this time we may feel that another approach is more suitable or that you are not ready for the programme. Therefore you may not be accepted onto the programme.

The programme

The programme is run on an outpatient scheme of four sessions over a four-week period. Throughout the programme you will work in a group, and will be encouraged to participate as fully as possible in order to achieve the most out of the course. You may experience increased pain during the programme due to a change in your daily routine. However, the therapists will guide you through this.

Therapy sessions

These sessions will be covered by a physiotherapist. During these sessions you will work on understanding the anatomy and function in the change in the body and identify how your problem affects your lifestyle. You will be taught the principles of how to set appropriate goals to improve you lifestyle, and how to pace yourself during activities in order to maximise your ability. You will have the opportunity to apply principles into tasks that you find difficult.

Exercise sessions

You will also be taught the principles of exercise, which, with the help of the physiotherapists, will help you to design and progress your own exercise regime. This is aimed at increasing your fitness and in turn physical function.

At the end of the programme

You should be confident that you have developed a new approach to managing your condition, which you can continue to apply at home. You may be required to attend a follow up appointment with a physiotherapist after one month which will allow you to feedback on how you are coping and allow the therapist to measure how you have done.