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Your Visit

Following consultation with your doctor they may have referred you for

  • Examination by a specialist clinician, including x-ray, scans and blood tests if necessary
  • Treatment by physiotherapy, osteopathy, pain management or podiatry professionals

When attending for treatment with one of our clinicians please wear appropriate clothing so that our clinicians can easily examine the affected area. During the appointment the clinician will take a full history, make a physical examination and discuss treatment plans with you prior to starting treatment.

If you have any special requirements such as undertaking assessment and treatment with a female clinician please ask our reeptionist on booking your initial appointment. If you would like to bring a family member or friend for support please feel free to bring them along.

It is important that you are on time for each appointment as patients are booked every 30 minutes. If you are late you will not be seen. Failure to attend or give 12 hours notice of inability to attend will result in discharge from this service.

Once you have been discharged from our service for failure to attend your referring doctor will be notified immediately. Access to the service following discharge is through Doctor referral only.

Help with Travel Costs

If you are referred to hospital or other NHS premises for NHS specialist treatment or diagnostic tests by your doctor, dentist or other health professional, you may be able to claim a refund of reasonable travel costs under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS).

Visit the NHS UK websiteto find out who is eligible for the scheme and how to make a claim.

HCT(T) Refund claim form - travel costs to receive NHS treatment.