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Patient Information Service

Provides information on health conditions, treatments, services and healthy living. We can help you find what you need from our collection, carry out web searches and give advice on websites and other resources.

The patient information service

  • The patient information service is for patients, their families and staff. We provide: a health collection, including books, leaflets and audio-visual materials, on health conditions, treatments, services and healthy living
  • Brief explanation of what our clinicians do in our service guide for patients
  • A clinician led health information enquiry service
  • A web based condition self-management data base
  • Single copy leaflets of bespoke home exercise and self-management advice to all patients
  • details of local and national support groups

You can also join our user group to share your views on current services and make suggestions for new developments. If you can't attend the quarterly meeting in person, you can give feedback via email, post or telephone.

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