Our Clinical Approach

Treatment that delivers better results

The senior years don't have to be the sedentary years
Our approach delivers a radical shift from a traditional system to one that gives you control, combined with expert treatment, support and integration with the wider health system.

It is underpinned by rigorous, up-to-date clinical evidence and works holistically, embedding education, behaviour change and health promotion, empowering patients to take responsibility and manage their conditions.

Healthshare’s iMSK model has been adopted by many NHS regions based on patient outcomes, quality, access and the patient experience.


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We always remember it is your care, and we work hard to make sure our services to you are:

  • Effective – The most effective treatments, helping you with the best and most highly trained practitioners
  • Rapid – Getting you to the right treatment first time
  • Personal – Giving you the treatment and support for you to live and work more effectively in your life
  • Integrated – Works closely and seamlessly with your other health services
  • Supportive – Giving you the tools to live well
  • Technology Enabled – Enabling access to care when you want it and keeping you in touch with your clinical team


You need to take it easy...

The information from your referral is reviewed in detail by our senior team.

In a small number of cases you may need high-level, complex assessment you may be seen rapidly in our ‘One-Stop’ clinics where our Advanced Practitioners will carry out a full assessment, with the facility for on-site Ultrasound examination to ensure you quickly understand and receive:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • whether surgery may be indicated
  • Whether joint injection may be beneficial, and delivered on-site at the same appointment
  • The treatment & rehabilitation advice and resources you need and have these at the same appointment


For most patients our care is flexible to you.

Your care is based on the latest evidence and innovation, the central pillar being our Joint Pain Advisory Clinic, which is a proven and highly successful new program.


Play our video to find or read below to find out more.

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The Joint Pain Advisory Clinic

We know how important it is for patients to get the right treatment quickly, so to make this process as efficient as possible we have developed the group Joint Pain Advisory Clinic for foot, shoulder, spine, hip and knee pain. This is delivered in a group forum.

The ability to access these clinics ensures we can get you to the right clinician, at the right time, first time.

The Joint Pain Advisory Clinic, or JPAC for short, makes use of the latest research for you to learn about your problem, explore self-care techniques and discuss the problems you may have and which might be contributing to your pain.

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The JPAC includes a presentation about a problem like yours followed by an assessment which will enable your clinician to guide your treatment options.

At the end of the clinic you will be given the information presented in electronic or in hard copy, including how to access further help and support.

Participating in your JPAC is the quickest way for you to find the right treatment.

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Following the clinic, you may choose to:

  • Self-care with the guidance given by your clinician
  • Join a course of exercise classes
  • If you feel you need further help, have an appointment with a clinician
  • Or in some cases, your clinician may refer you to a specialist for further investigation


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How to access our services


Self referrals and referrals through your GP
To refer yourself to Healthshare or see if we operate in your area please follow the link below.

Your GP can also refer you, see details here.