Healthshare Group launch new look branding and website 

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts into creating a new image and identity that would accurately depict our business today and into the future. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal our refreshed brand identity, vision and purpose. Our new look brand and website reflect the ongoing evolution of our business and our commitment to further developing our best-in-class healthcare services.  

New look, same us 

You’ll notice some similarities between our old and new branding. For example, our logo is a fresh take on the apple we have used since our establishment in 2009. This is because, despite the new look, the same ethos and commitment to the highest standards of care remains at our heart.  

Our apple is special to us. It symbolises our strong belief that all patients deserve access to the best possible treatment and the ability to choose – a ‘bite of the apple’, if you will.  

Our new website has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that information about our clinics and both private and NHS treatments is informative and easily accessible.  

We’ve also refreshed our brand proposition (the unique identifiers of our business) and purpose. We feel these better represent what we are setting out to achieve going forwards. 

Our proposition  

Our proposition to commissioners and GPs is: ‘Working together for better patient outcomes’ ensuring we are ‘exceeding expectations at every step’, delivering ‘Healthcare as it should be’ for our patients. 

We’re an independent healthcare provider started by clinicians who looked at how things were being done and knew they could disrupt and improve them.  

Being clinically founded and led has allowed us to create something special; Healthshare is about empowering people to get the treatment they need, the way they want. It’s about constantly innovating better ways to deliver quality care and support.  

It’s about exceptional facilities, expertise and dedication. Our approach means that whether it’s speed, flexibility, efficiency or quality, every aspect has been carefully considered to surpass expectations.  

This is why we’ve been a trusted partner of the NHS for over ten years, and the provider of choice for countless private patients. 

Our purpose 

Our purpose is to help people stay healthy, so they can do the things that matter to them. Through excellent care, we’ll help millions of people spend time with their families, and doing their favourite sports and leisure activities. And that’s what drives us to go from strength to strength. 

Thank you to the team at Orb for their fantastic creative work on this project. We are very pleased with the results. 


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