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Occupational Health

Historically the occupational health model has been a 'medical' reactive process, diagnosing health effects and illness; promoting good health; and reducing risks by controlling exposures and preventing ill health.

Over the last 10 years there has been exponential growth and change in the presentation and delivery of occupational health and rehabilitation services due to new legislation; EU Health & Safety directives; DWP government initiatives; disability discrimination; human rights; the working time directive; age legislation and ongoing changes in the structure and charging for NHS services. The resultant affect of these changes has meant that occupational health has become far more sophisticated, and consequently demands a broader scope of services.

We offer a wide ranging scope of services reducing risks both to the employee and the employer which at the same time provides a service that maintains a level of commercial awareness and seeks to demonstrate return on investment.

Services include:

  • Fit For Work Programmes
  • MSK Pre-employment screening
  • On site and Off-site Occupational Physiotherapy Services
  • Job / Task analysis
  • Workplace Assessments (Display Screen Equipment)
  • Functional Assessments (Functional Capacity Evaluations)
  • Employee manual handling programmes
  • Health awareness programmes