Dr Raquel Delgado

General Practitioner  

Dr Raquel Delgado is a General Practitioner with more than twenty years of clinical experience. She is a portfolio GP based in North West London.

Dr Delgado graduated from Granada University in Spain in 1993 and completed all her postgraduate training in the United Kingdom, entailing rotations in hospitals and GP Practices across the UK. In the last seven years she developed a special interest in diabetes, becoming the Diabetes Clinical Lead for the Borough of Hounslow. Since then, she has been involved in an ambitious program to improve NHS primary and secondary care services for patients living with diabetes in the area.

As well as her work supporting patients with type 2 diabetes, Dr Delgado has been helping people suffering with obesity, fatty liver disease and other chronic conditions to improve their health by improving their lifestyle and implementing a low carbohydrate lifestyle, intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet. She has also undertaken training in food addiction and its treatment, and runs a food addiction service.

Dr Delgado also has an interest in women’s health and is very experienced in the management of common ailments affecting children and adults.

Diabetes type 2 remission, women’s health, food addiction counselling, low carbohydrate lifestyle for the management of obesity, polycystic ovaries, fatty liver and hypertension and other long term conditions


English, Spanish

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