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Quality Assured

Healthshares ability to attract experienced high quality clinicians is based on its philosophy of striving for continual improvement both with the services we provide and for our clinical stakeholders. Continual staff development focusing on personal / professional development, multi-disciplinary team understanding and inter-agency co-ordination is the cornerstone of establishing clearly defined and integrated lines of support, which allows for a streamlined, fully integrated and successful service provision.

Our clinical and management processes and systems are regularly reviewed and audited in line with our continual improvement and internal review strategies. This process is overseen by a DNV certified internal auditor with external review annually. Our quality systems manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our service and ensures that all our management and clinical systems are acceptable across all relevant public and statutory bodies and are transparent and accountable according to our quality procedures manual. All quality procedures are ISO 9001 compliant as is a requirement of ISO accreditation.