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Experience with Innovation

If you are involved in the commissioning of effective, quality healthcare, we have a wide range of services to suit your needs. Although there may be many similarities between organizations commissioning healthcare, we appreciate that each situation is unique and requires the provider to understand the needs of the commissioners and patient end users in mobilizing and implementing a successful service, which represents the bespoke nature of every service.

The Healthshare team has extensive experience in delivering services across both private and public sectors and understands the complexities of integrating new service designs within previous service frameworks.

Our service delivery approach is patient-centered in its orientation. Our expert clinicians provide the appropriate tools at the appropriate time, which empowers the patient to take responsibility for their well-being and care. This approach is supported by the necessary clinical and information infrastructure allowing patients to access their clinicians via expert patient groups, telephone advice line, group exercise advice and exercise programs and web based information resources which supports the patient through their episode of care. Our continual aim is to provide and/or manage complete care pathways for our patients and referrers.

This patient-centered empowerment approach has proved successful in that it has:

  • Increased patient outcome measure & satisfaction score
  • Reduced the need for re-consultation with condition flare-ups
  • Resulted in an overall net reduction of cost across the healthcare economy