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By definition headaches are described as pain above the orbitomeatal line (see picture). In common terms any pain above the base of the skull would be described as headache.

The International Headache society has a huge classification of the type of headaches. Some people may experience headaches as a result of poor postures or neck injuries during a trauma e.g. whiplash. 

Managing a headache could be as simple as changing posture and you may need some specific retraining exercises. You may need to see a specialist clinician to see if we can help your headache.

For our purpose of self-help management we have specifically picked the types of headaches that that could arise from neck problems.

  • Headache at the top of the neck, back of the head and its base, on one or both sides (Fig 1)
  • Headache extending from the base of the back of the head to just below the crown of the head (Fig 2)
  • Headache spreading from the back of the head over the top of the head to above or behind the eye, again on one or both sides (Fig 3 – total headache)
  • Headache distributed across the forehead and often felt behind the eyes (Fig-4 – Frontal headache)
  • Headache distributed around the head, often described as feeling like a tight band (Fig-5 – circumferential headache)

Please watch the following video on self management exercises for headaches.

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