Clinical services

Healthshare works with primary care to support patients throughout their physiotherapy and musculoskeletal journey. By providing a digital front door, patients can get immediate access to advice and guidance about their condition and healthy lifestyle choices pre-referral. We offer unrivalled care navigation between GP, FCP and MSK Physiotherapy services both face to face and digitally. Patients can engage with us at their convenience, from their own homes or in one of our many community sites.

Our delivery model is evidence based, and puts the patient at the centre using risk stratification as well as shared decision making to ensure everyone receives the right care. In 2021, 99% of patients felt well informed and involved in their care, 93% would recommend Healthshare to friends and family and over 80% of patients improved in outcome scores (EQ5D).

The ability to provide diagnostic imaging benefits both patients and health economies by providing accessible care and reducing the handing over of patients from provider to provider – resulting in fewer appointments, early diagnosis and overall cost savings. We have demonstrated a 36% reduction in MRI activity and associated costs by integrating MSK Services and GP direct access for MRI in London.

Healthshare provides exception care in-house and manage 80% of patients in the community without referring to secondary care. Our average conversation rate for surgery in our Oxfordshire Service (as audited by Oxford University Hospital) were hip 89.7%, knee 91.9% and Upper limb 88.6%. We demonstrate right care, first time by monitoring re-presentation rates which remain under 3%.

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