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Community diagnostics centres

The challenge

In 2020, an independent NHS review into the recovery and renewal of diagnostic services post COVID-19 (the Richards report) identified ever-increasing demand and lack of capacity requiring urgent action. The challenge for healthcare providers like Healthshare is to build diagnostic centres in communities across the UK to support the NHS tackle lengthy waiting lists for elective diagnostic procedures.

What we did

To support the NHS, we built a Community Diagnostics Centre in North West London. The West London Clinic, as it became known (formerly Riverside) is supported by our direct access GP diagnostics service. This clinic was commissioned, built and mobilised within a 7-month window and self-funded by Healthshare, with a significant investment of £8m.

The results

The West London Clinic, our Community Diagnostic Centre, boasts state-of-the-art facilities including:

3.0T wide bore MRI, endoscopy suite, echocardiology, digital X-ray and ultrasound.

We are meeting local needs and supporting earlier diagnosis by seeing patients who have been referred by their GP closer to home. We are also supporting the local acute trusts by providing additional capacity to progress with recovery from the pandemic.

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What our patients say

“Had an evening MRI scan and was very nervous about being in such an enclosed space, however the man and lady doing the scan were very reassuring, polite and friendly putting me at ease about my first MRI scan and would definitely recommend for any future scans here."
Denise Buttery, Norwich Clinic
“This is what private healthcare is all about. Excellent service, very customer focused. Saw Dr Peev for PRP injection for chronic knee pain. Took about 3 weeks after the last injection and then it was like a light switch flicked. I would say a 70% improvement in pain and inflammation. Back to dunk training! 🏀”
Scott Doyle, West London Clinic
“I had a gastroscopy in The Riverside Clinic today. Everyone who had it, knows, it’s kind of unpleasant experience… however, thanks to Dr Dimitrios and his amazing team I felt I’m in good hands! I got an appointment at the clinic very quickly. Clean and modern clinic, nice receptionist, friendly and helpful nurses, and of course an experienced doctor”
Irmina Gajos, West London Clinic